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I was an the Army medic and several combat tours. I was in a tremendous amount of pain, but CBD has changed my life. I am active again. Playing tennis with my wife, taking walks in the desert with our dog. It's unbelievable. Thank you so much!

-Mike D.

I use the CBD tincture drops and the relief rub. I have difficulty sleeping and the oil helps me before bed. The pain relief rub helps me with the pain in my wrists and lower back from sitting at the computer all day. 

My sister Lynne broke her ankle and had surgery with a pin put in it. This pain relief rub is the only thing that she has ever tried that relieved her pain.


-Jeanette P.

 I actually work at another CBD company and I use Vida’s pain relief rubs because they’re so effective! I have never experienced such a fast reaction with a relief rub. Wow!

-Pat N.

We buy the 600mg Nano for our daughter who has cancer. She’s said that’s the only thing that gives her any sort of relief. I don’t know what she would do without it.

-Virginia S.

 There’s nothing like Vida’s bath bombs! I use one or two per week when I just want to settle into the tub and relax. My favorite is the De-Stress, because after a long day dealing clients and running around, there is nothing like a long hot soak in the tub!

-Jasmine R.

I’m a contractor and I shot a nail through my pinkie two weeks ago. I was in a lot of pain, but I used the Pain Relief Rub and within about 45 seconds, the pain started to go away. Now its completely gone!

-Jesse R.